American Risk and Insurance Association(ARIA)--美国风险与保险学会



  Founded in 1932, ARIA has a long tradition of supporting and educating professionals, scholars, and students in the insurance and risk management industry. We create opportunities to share and discuss high quality research, recognizing scholars from diverse backgrounds engaged in open collaboration strengthen our industry and our society. In the spirit of open collaboration and sharing, we host an Annual Meeting which brings together a large and diverse group of experts to share and discuss cutting edge research in risk management and insurance. Additionally, we publish two peer review journals. This open sharing of knowledge and information helps policy makers and practitioners learn from the past, mitigate present risk, and confidently make decisions.

  Together, ARIA and its members drive innovation to meet the ever-evolving challenges of our industry. We leverage our collective expertise to promote the efficient management of risk. This helps to strengthen the productive capacity of the economy, provide safety and security, improve social welfare, and enrich people’s lives.

  ARIA is also dedicated to nurturing the next generation of industry professionals. We work collaboratively with members to drive innovation and excellence in insurance and risk management education. We provide networking, information, recognition, and support to students and professors.